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The overall subject of this website is the abuses of the American Driver today. It begins with a Safety Study and the destructive effects of Speed Traps,
followed by their somewhat surprising Basic Legal Aspects. Additional Information will be added as it is developed, so please come back.

Nearly all U.S. drivers have received speeding citations when they were actually driving safely - punishment for complying with the safety intent of the law;
victims of arbitrary speed limits. These drivers are not criminals; they are the VICTIMS of crime, particularly those who are victims of speed traps.

A Formal Spot Speed Study Report

The first document, “Is Bosque Farms, NM a “Speed Trap?” A Spot Speed Study Report”, written for the non-engineer, is a formal Spot Speed Study performed
under established principles.  It’s definition of a speed trap is a simplified definition from the California Vehicle Code, and the Report is limited to safety ONLY.
It is located HERE: Bosque_Farms_Spot_Speed_Report.pdf

Basic Speed Trap Legal Aspects

Since posted speed limits are “laws”, there are legal aspects to speed limits. The second document, “The Bosque Farms, NM Speed Trap: Some Basic Legal Aspects”,
is a Supplement to the first, and presents the basic legal aspects of ALL speed traps. It lists the basic Rights and laws violated by the operation of speed traps, both
historically and today. The basis of this “Legal Aspects” document is our Founding documents (the Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights),
combined with definitions from a law dictionary. With this solid basis, to say its facts and conclusions are incorrect is to also say that our Founding documents are incorrect,
or have become perverted to the point of being effectively so. It is located HERE: BF_Speed_Trap_Legal_Aspects.pdf

"Busted Screwdriver" Graphic

The “Legal Aspects” document suggests use of a “busted-screwdriver” graphic that may be used by anyone in many places so that speed trap victims can identify each
other for the purpose of uniting together and discussing solutions to the problem. It is located HERE: bustedscrewdriver.jpg

NEW on Feb., 20, 2010

NEW: Appendix G, “SPEED TRAPS: A CENTURY OF GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION It’s an Old Story” is a 16-page stand-alone document, HERE:

NEW: On February 20, the following documents were sent to the Bosque Farms Police Dept. and the Municipal Court, and, since the BFPD also covers Peralta, to the Peralta
Mayor and Municipal Judge. The documents are no more than the Title and Abstract pages of the above documents plus the first page of Appendix G, with the basic question,
“Do you realize the number of traffic accidents, property damage, injuries and deaths you are causing?” The purpose is to provide them with the information in the above two
documents - information they already have the duty and responsibility to know. They are HERE: 6-Pages-to-BF-Court.pdf and, 6-Pages-to-BFPD.pdf